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Ware housing
Kuwait Facilities
  • 1000 M2 Shaded Warehouse.
  • 3000 M2 Opened Warehouse.
  • Warehouse Security & Fire Fighting System 24 Hrs.
  • Warehouse Full Insurance.
  • 3 Units Forklifts 5 - 30 Tons.
  • 5 Half Lorries - 30 Trailers.

To complement its portfolio of regular logistics services we also offer full warehousing services. Today, it has access to large, well lit and well maintained warehouses in close proximity to ports and airports.

It also has at its disposal a pool of modern handling equipment to move and load cargo safely. These warehouses are available to clients for general storage (short and long-term), inventory management, container stuffing/de-stuffing, redistribution and offer complete security and are serve every purpose commercial warehousing both for long and short term storage.
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