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Al Qabandi And Partners Co. at a Glance

Al Qabandi, from its inception in 1992, history of Al Qabandi over the past 22 years has been about growth created by delivering client value and satisfaction. The company started as a freight forwarder in Kuwait and grew into a Middle East logistics service solutions provider with 100+ employees and company-owned 3Pl distribution center in Kuwait and Dubai. Al Qabandi now offers complete End – to End Logistics services and solutions, including air, ocean, distribution, customs brokerage and contract logistics.

We have expanded our global freight network with Agencies of International reputed companies in the Freight Forwarding Industry. Al Qabandi bagged many projects and offered end-to-end Solution for Ministry of Defence in Kuwait.

Our Global Associates has continued to support us in entire GCC region, to let us convert into a reputable mid-sized logistic solution provider in the region.

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Mission, Vision, Values

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