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Mission & Vision
Mission Statement

"Global Reach"

Consistent, transparent and value based professional culture to become mutually beneficial business association.

Vision Statement

Recognizing the need for change with competitive edge within customer's field of business and implementing the latest technological advancements, we strive to offer benefits to all the players in the supply chain.


 Driven, Relentless, Transparent, Solution Focused.

Al Qabandi operational guidelines

 Effective customer care set-up
 Reliable service and excellent safety record
 Maintain customers confidence and Business Confidentiality
  E-service to keep track of cargo (in process)

Al Qabandi Management

 Dynamic, qualified, experienced, focused and determined with the right skill sets
 Operational expertise across all business segments
 Expansion of new business opportunities creating the right synergies
 Adherence to the organizational strategic initiatives and ethical policies

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Mission, Vision, Values

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